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Picking the right CMS for your organization’s website is a more important decision than ever, especially with the incredible amount of options available in 2022. As the web has matured, so have the content management needs of marketing and business development teams. Gone are the days of minimal, unattractive, and confusing collections of fields for updating text and images in a rigid design; some content editors need to be able to create multi-channel content, and others to make structural changes like adding and removing sections and on their site without the help of a developer.

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Medium-style blur-up images for HubSpot CMS

Are images slowing down your HubSpot CMS website? Sure, images may be worth a thousand words, but delays in your website could be costing your business thousands of dollars. There are many ways to optimize the loading of the pages on your website, and this is one of our favorites: blur-up images. Popularized by Instagram and Medium, blur-up images aren't only a pleasing reveal transition as users scroll, but also are a great strategy to improve your pagespeed and Core Web Vital (CWV) scores.

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